by Jefferson Jay Band

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Yellow is Disc 3 of Jefferson Jay's Primary Colors trilogy. It features several off-beat and interesting song and shows another color of the Jefferson Jay songbook.


released April 15, 2010

Musicians appearing on Yellow include
Jefferson Jay – Guitar and Vocals, Tracks 1-10
Nico Gutierrez – Drums and Percussion – Tracks 1-10
Steel Pan on Tracks 4 and 10
Damon Stoll – 6-string bass on Tracks 1-5, 7-10
Don Truesdail – Bass on "Rebel Music"
The Soul Man – Guiro
Vocals on Track 10
Kip Forde – Synthesizer on Track 8
Kevin “Baby” Hewett – Organ on Tracks 5 and 6
Ryan Bartell – Guitar on Track 10

The Jefferson Jay Hornblowers on Track 3
Isaac Tubb – Trumpet
Peter August – Saxophone
Andy Geib - Trombone

All songs written by Jefferson Jay

Produced by Jefferson Jay with J. Kipling Forde
Recorded by Jefferson Jay and Nico Gutierrez at, San Diego, CA and Las Vegas,
NV 2004-2007
Recorded by Jefferson Jay at The Studios in San
Diego, 2004-2007
Mixed and Recorded by J. Kipling Forde with
Jefferson Jay at The Time Machine, River Bend Records, San
Diego, CA Feb. - Oct. 2007



all rights reserved


Jefferson Jay Band San Diego, California

Jefferson Jay believes in working to improve the world through art and love. His 5th CD "Gift To Be Alive" is available now. Jefferson does things his own way. His "24 Hours of Free Music" concerts and his Operation 365 video project - three videos and blog each day for a year! - are but two illustrations of this. ... more

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Track Name: Youwanna
Do you wanna play L.A.?

Do you wanna play L.A.?
You do.

Do you wanna play L.A.?

Or do you want L.A. to play with you?
Track Name: Party

Track Name: Dawson
What’s up Richard, with the questions in your hand
When it comes down to it, you’re the number one answer man
Kissing all the ladies that’s the way you made your fame
A three-strike rejection is the way to lose your game

Richard Dawson – He’s a Dawson

Teamin’ up with Arnold. Flexin’ skills in Running Man
Playing precious evil, you the monster with a plan
The game show master always puts me in the mood
Enough of all this talkin’, now its time to play the Feud

Richard Dawson – He’s a Dawson
Richard Dawson – Ooooh Yeah

Hey there, Andre, swingin’ bats and clubbin’ balls
Chicago, Boston, Florida, but most of all Montreal
Puttin’ up the numbers, 49-155
I remember ’87 when Show made you take a dive

Andre Dawson – He’s a Dawson

They used to call you Awesome, MVP, Rookie of the year
You shine under the spotlight, like a crystal, very clear
I’ll see you there in Cooperstown, induction, Hall of Fame
Na na na na na na – There’s so much in a name

Andre Dawson – He’s a Dawson
Richard Dawson – Ooooh Yeah!!!

Mmmm Mmmm Rosario, You’re the fairest of them all
I liked you in The Rundown, Where the Rock took a giant fall
Kids, MIB, and Josie, Yes, your credits are really nice
Let’s go make a movie, You be wild, I’ll be rice

Rosario Dawson – She’s a Dawson

Hey there Lenny on the Set of HBO
You had Buonocanti but you really ran the show
The way you passed it to him and what you did in KC
‘69 season, you the Super Bowl MVP

Lenny Dawson – He’s a Dawson
And Rosario Dawson – oooh Yeah
Then there’s that TV show, I think they call it Dawson’s Creek
Used to be on Wednesdays Now in Syndication seven days a week
I wrote most of this song so long before it came on the air
To hold it against Dawsons now, that would really be unfair

I’m a Dawson
You’re a Dawson
He’s a Dawson
She’s a Dawson
Track Name: Step Up
Step Up
Because you know you want to
Step Up
Because you know you care
Step Up
Because you know you need to
Step Up
Because you are aware, yes

Everybody feels the pain
Although it has no name
Everyone wants to see
Them and their loved ones in revelry

Everybody hides away
Though in love and light they celebrate
Everybody dreams to be alive
Everybody, they’re scared they don’t know why

Everybody lives to see the sky
Though some bodies, they never know why
Everyone loves to dream
And when they come true they scream

Step Up
Because you know you want to
Step Up
Because you know you care
Step Up
Because you know you need to
Step Up
Because you are aware, yes

In the sky you see your reflection
In the sky you know in what you share
In the sky you see the next dimensions
In the sky you breathe you breathe the air
Track Name: Rebel Music
Rebel music
Gather all around
Rebel music
Hear what I’ve found

Love, in rebel music
We need to see the day
When all our fears and famines go away

Love, Rebel music
If you dare to bare the truth
Sing, Rebel music
Georgie Bush is John Wilkes Booth
Sing, Rebel music
If you kill one then you kill all
Love, Rebel music
Those who don’t love are those who fall

Rebel music
We rebels gather everywhere
We sing, Rebel music
Cause we’re not victim to your scare
It wouldn’t be rebel music
If the baldheads let the people share
There would be no rebel music
The bounty burning in despair
We had the food to eat and the clothes to wear
There could be no rebel music
If everybody cares
There will be no rebel music when everybody,
Everybody cares, everybody shares

Rebel music
The children that we teach to share
Rebel music
They are now running everywhere
Rebel music
When they look up what do they see
We need the rebel music
Cause shock and awe are raining a disease
We must play, Rebel music
When our leaders are taking what they please
We need the rebel music
When the rich and the ruling are stealing form those in need
When they trick us into following our downfall on TV
When our leaders are plainly taking what they please
Track Name: LISA
L is for the way that we feel love
I is for the I in I believe in you
S is for the sleeping that we do
And A is for the aid from up above

L is for the lions that are king
I’s for Isabella, whose the queen
S is for the sharing that we do
And is for allowing things to be this way

Be with me
Be in love
Be the dream
Be the dove

I love you
I love you

L is love life losing lean
I is inspiration indeed
S is sex smart suffering safety sweet
A’s a way amour amour a way

Be a way
Be alive
Be a day
Be a night

Be with you
Be with me
Be it for

I love you
I love you
Track Name: Lead
Lead -
Create what you desire
And Concede -
That you’ll aim and you’ll aspire -
Indeed - Through all the churning and the fire
Live, Bleed -
Yes, love’s all that’s required
When you’re learning and you’re burning in your soul


Why nobody told me of the cold
Way out – about remembering - Gold
Yet, somebody & who couldn’t hold
The memory of everything you hold
As gold you hold until you’re old
Love is gold
Track Name: Intimate with Ludacris
You know it’s getting kind of late
It’s almost time the music stopped
Oh wait, I mean it’s just the day
And that the night’s about to start

I’m a little wet behind the ears
And in my shorts and on my shirt
I’m at the ocean, no, the bay
My Angel’s black, it’s getting dark

You know I only came out to play
Not here to be doing the hard work
The tricky part is that it’s only what you say
That differentiates, if the work hurts

So what you callin’ love?
And what you callin’ pain?
So what you callin’ dreams?
And is it all the same thing?

What you callin’ hope?
And what you callin work?
Is it and love all one in the same?
Or are you pay? Are you payin’ with the long hurt?
It won’t work

What you callin’ hope?
And what you callin’ work?
What you callin’ faith?
Are you peddlin in soft goods?

So what you callin’ love?
And what you callin’ fun?
What you callin’ dreams?
Or do you just want to be number one?
Would that be lots of fun?
Until it’s done

Hear you screamin’ cash
That you’re so hot and that you got it all
Braggin’ bout how you got it stashed
That you’re laundering in chicks and guns,
That must be lots of fun

Yeah when you tell me what you have
I’m only hearin’ what you need
I hear you want a long career
That you’re languishing for longevity, not 3 CDs

Yeah, when you tell me that you’re great
I only know that you’re really scared
Cause we’re all one in the same
You just got your diamond underwear,
Who really cares?

Ludicruous, It’s Ludicruous (What you say?)
Ludicruous, It’s Ludicruous (One more time)
Ludicruous, It’s Ludicruous (Shout it out loud)
Ludicruous, Ludicruous, Ludicruous

You know I’m felling better now
I took a wade in your advice
The ocean’s water is my friend
I know why I’m always thinking twice

I try to hide from things I need
A little scared that I’ll grow up
And that I’ll stop enjoying things
And won’t be glad until I’ve had enough
I’ve had enough
Track Name: Boil Me In Oil
Some may not think you’re the prettiest car on the road
But you’re the only one I hope I ever see
We’ve been drivin’ around for ten long years now
And another you I know there’ll never be

I’m so fiercely loyal
You could boil me in oil
And I’d still only have eyes for you

Because people insist you’re not alive I’ll get to drive you
Until I can’t afford to get you fixed
On you I have relied, in countries’ corners tears I’ve cried

To me you’re divine
When my life’s on the line
So why would I even care how you look

I’m so fiercely loyal
You could boil me in oil
And I’d still only have eyes for you

So what if you’re metal
Me flower, you pedal
Together, we‘re one on the road
I trust you far more than Zsa Zsa Gabor
A human I don’t even know

To me you’re divine
When my life’s on the line
So why would I even care how you look

I’m so fiercely loyal
You could boil me in oil
And I’d still only have eyes for you

To me you’re the dice
Or in China, the rice
My vehicle nobody’s known
My only best friend who I own
My only best friend who I own?
Yes, my only best friend who I own